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County officials to vote to repeal Chicago-area soda tax

13 Octubre 2017
County officials to vote to repeal Chicago-area soda tax

By a vote of 15-2, the board of Illinois' largest county passed an ordinance repealing the penny-per-ounce levy on sales of sweetened beverages.

"And yet in this tax and spend, Democrat-run city, consumers forced the city council to cough up their recent tax hike and repeal the soda tax", Grover Norquist, president of the anti-tax Americans for Tax Reform, said in a statement.

Gainer said she is committed to working with Preckwinkle and her colleagues "to approach the 2018 budget line-by-line and find alternate ways to close the budget gap".

"Unfortunately, repeal of the sweetened beverage tax also repeals the law that prohibited the raising of any taxes by Cook County until after 2020". The tax will be in effect for just four months. "IL law required that the tax be levied on consumers, while all other cities tax beverage distributors, which is a simpler process", Krieger said in a statement.

The Cook County Board finished the job on Wednesday and repealed the controversial pop tax, which means soda drinkers won't have to pay it come December 1.

Opponents of the tax said that it violated IL law as it did not apply evenly to all beverages. He added that the soda tax had only affected "a small number of people".

David Goldenberg, a spokesman for the anti-tax coalition, told Fox News that one problem with the tax was that similar beverages would be treated differently depending on how they were packaged.

After initially trying to absorb the tax, Powell said he had to raise drink prices to transfer the burden to customers when revenue declined.

Now that repeal is final, Preckwinkle, other countywide elected and appointed officials and commissioners will have to start working on cutting $200 million from Preckwinkle's proposed $5.4 billion spending plan for next year. Cook County has until November 30 to approve a budget.