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Casa » NFL Coach Records Video Of Himself Snorting A White Powder

NFL Coach Records Video Of Himself Snorting A White Powder

12 Octubre 2017
NFL Coach Records Video Of Himself Snorting A White Powder

"I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and accept full responsibility for my actions", he said.

The Dolphins brought in veteran offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo as their senior offensive assistant Wednesday in an attempt to move beyond the video scandal involving Foerster and prepare for Sunday's game at Atlanta.

She also says her motivation to leak the footage was to expose racial inequality. "It's not just the NFL". "The inequalities that come with being a minority compared with a white privileged person in America just in general". This is shining light on the inequalities we have as a country. So we've got to do a good job of learning from Kup and his philosophies and things like that.

Nige said that her and a friend planned to videotape Foerster before the former coach sent the video to the model. "After he sent me the video, he came off his high and low-key kind of threatened me if I ended up exposing the information". "I want to apologize to the organization, and my sole focus is on getting the help that I need, with the support of my family and medical professionals". "Just in case I just so happened to get set up or somehow pop up dead, this story was still going to get out".

Hours after the video was posted on Facebook and Twitter, Foerster announced his departure in a statement released by the team.

"We were made aware of the video late last night and have no tolerance for this behavior", the team said. "The only thing he can do to get better from it and to get the help that he needs so he can get back on the right track". After talking to Dolphins head coach Adam Gase on Monday, Foerster resigned as the team's offensive line coach after two seasons.

Nige also said she had more footage of Foerster.

She continues, "Let's be honest here: If this was an African-American man - not even just an African, he could be a Mexican, anything like that".

"I'm kind of in a wait-and-see mode and past year, we went to the Baltimore game and I was told he was not going to play for a couple of weeks and he played on that Sunday", Gase said.

"When we were together, there was no one else around", Nige said.

She added that Foerster resigning, rather than being fired by the Dolphins, underscored her point.

Gase obviously was not here during DeGuglielmo's first stint in Miami, and only got to know him in the last couple of months.