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Casa » You can now pre-order Apple's new iPhones, Watch and TV box

You can now pre-order Apple's new iPhones, Watch and TV box

17 Setiembre 2017
You can now pre-order Apple's new iPhones, Watch and TV box

The highest price tag for a phone was iPhone 7s Plus 256GB's Rs. 92,000 at the time of the handset's launch in India, but the iPhone X India price tag for the 256GB variant tops that by Rs. 10,000 touching Rs.1,02,000.

The Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are available for pre-order now for more than 24 hours. In the case of bigger variant, the iPhone 8 Plus, it will have a 2,675mAh battery, compared to the iPhone 7 Plus' 2,900mAh battery, reports The Verge.

The post also reveals that the iPhone 8 has 2GB RAM while the iPhone 8 Plus has 3GB RAM, similar to the previous generation.

What's more, every customer can now take their home plan abroad with Vodafone Global Roaming - meaning they can use their UK data, minutes and texts in 50 roam-free destinations at no extra cost.

The iPhone X can be preordered starting on Friday, Oct. 27 and will arrive one week later on Friday, Nov. 3.

The second mitigation technique Federighi suggests won't work if a thief grabs your phone, but it could come in very handy if, for instance, you are sat in an airport somewhere with a customs officer demanding you hand over your device. The infamous Face ID fail by Craig Federighi during the keynote that has since been used repeatedly to "prove" how terrible Face ID works may not even have been one in the first place.

The 64GB iPhone 8 is priced at Rs 64,000.

While the next iPhones hit the stores there is plenty of time to contemplate on your next smartphone.

To address the elephant in the room, yes the iPhone X has additional sensors that will improve the accuracy and reliability of the facial recognition but the fundamentals are exactly the same. Although he was only able to get it to go because he had a backup $1000 iPhone which will probably not be possible for most iPhone users.

Luckily Apple prepares for such scenarios and he quickly grabbed the backup. The borderless display at the front is also well-known at this point, with Xiaomi kicking of the trend last year with the Mi Mix. Its also sports improved camera of 12-megapixel for the better and detailed photograpghy. However, it is a bit surprising to see the same happening this time around even though Apple has been investing a lot in the country recently.

Security concerns don't stop there, however, with freelance video editor Keith Krimbel emailing Federighi asking "What will prevent a thief from taking my phone, pointing it at my face, and running?".