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I Was 'Dumbfounded' By Comey's Intervention — Clinton

17 Setiembre 2017
I Was 'Dumbfounded' By Comey's Intervention — Clinton

"To those who hear you, they hear your interviews that you've done, see the book coming out and think, 'Is this what the Democratic Party really needs?' That they need fresh leadership, they need new voices, new people entering the arena, and that by you being on the stage in such a public way, it hampers that?" She did win the popular vote, however.

"When it first started happening, it was so soon after the election", Clinton said.

Favre said she didn't work on the illustration that would be used in case of Trump's victory. He then pressed: "Do you think that the Trump campaign, with the knowledge of the now-President, colluded with Russia and stole this election?"

Clinton defended her use of the word deplorables earlier this week. "As an active politician, it's over".

Her 1996 book discusses society's collective impact on children and its shared responsibility for raising the next generation. Organizer say Clinton will talk about her thoughts on the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump's social media broadside against Clinton was not unusual for the president, who frequently takes to Twitter to criticize political opponents.

Clinton's loss was perhaps the biggest shock election defeat in modern American history.

"Oh, I don't buy that at all", Clinton responded. Already, the 2016 election memoir has won serious praise and sent supporters into a frenzy to get it. In fact, Clinton herself sent pizzas to fans waiting in the hours-long line outside one New York City bookshop.

She also spoke about how sexism may have played a factor in her stunning loss last November.

There have also been reports of poor sales.