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Fla. Sheriff's Office: Don't shoot a gun at the hurricane

17 Setiembre 2017
Fla. Sheriff's Office: Don't shoot a gun at the hurricane

"The response is a complete and total surprise to me", he told BBC.

"Just left the island and said goodbye to everything I own", the 62-year-old Ball said. Other gusts reported from the Keys include 93 mph at Alligator Reef Light and Carysfort Reef Light, 92 mph at Molasses Reef Light, and 89 mph at the National Weather Service Office on Key West.

Expected to be even more dangerous than the powerful winds are the storm surges that threaten Florida's coastal cities.

Hurricane Irma has strengthened to a Category 4 storm as it closed in on the island chain known as the Florida Keys, the US National Hurricane Center has said. Now Ploghoft and three others are holed up with stockpiles of water, canned food and battery power.

"If you have been ordered to evacuate you need to leave now".

But Gov. Rick Scott said Irma's wrath is unprecedented.

Authorities are reportedly concerned looters could raid luxury homes abandoned by residents who have evacuated the area, reports The Miami Herald.

Miami is also taking a beating from Irma.

The man appeared to be uninjured and was able to pick himself off the ground after the incident.

76K people without power as Irma unleashes winds, rain on the state; outages expected to grow.

By Sunday morning, the Tampa-St. Manatee County officials announced a curfew from 3 p.m. ET Sunday until 3 p.m. ET Monday. Residents must remain either in their home or in a shelter, the sheriff said.

Hurricanes have winds reaching 74 mph or more, while major hurricanes have winds hitting 111 mph or more, the agency explained online.

They responded to tweets baffled by their humor saying the account reached over 1 million people yesterday, likely due to their attention-grabbing tweets.

"We're going to go to an interior hallway to be safe". Baker said. "You can't run your generator if you're in Atlanta".


And an elderly man died of natural causes while sheltering in a school in the city of Marathon on the Keys, Larry Kahn, an editor for FlKeysNews.com, said. Eight of the territory's 11 pharmacies were destroyed, and Guadeloupe was sending medication.

As Irma continued its unprecedented assault on the state, two of the four victims claimed in Florida were identified. The National Hurricane Center said water levels in Naples rose 7ft (2.1m) in just 90 minutes. The moment we've been waiting for.

"We're going to get through the winds, we'll get through the rain, depending on what the level of surge is", he said. "But more importantly, the surge will occur tomorrow at the same time we have a high tide - so that compounds the problem".

In Fort Myers, where storm surge warnings are in effect, Evanson Ngai stayed up all night, tracking the hurricane.

Early on Sunday morning, footage started to emerge of Key West being battered by the storm.

She closely followed reports about the storm's path as it headed toward her town.