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Casa » 'Enormous' sales predicted for iPhone X - despite the £1000 price tag

'Enormous' sales predicted for iPhone X - despite the £1000 price tag

17 Setiembre 2017
'Enormous' sales predicted for iPhone X - despite the £1000 price tag

It is the most expensive iPhone ever made.

"iPhone X is a premium-priced smartphone which for the first time goes over the 1,000 dollars threshold for the top 256GB model".

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple, said during the iPhone event in Cupertino, Calif., that the iPhone Face ID system was built on a new system called TrueDepth. Some earlier reports suggested that Apple may bundle in the AirPods with the iPhone X. However, Apple believes $999 price of iPhone X without any offer is attractive enough to hook buyers worldwide.

Apple says the iPhone 8 has an improved Retina Display featuring improved color gamut and better viewing angles over the iPhone 7. Yes, I am talking about iPhone X and the price of iPhone X.

The new generation premium smartphone, launched to mark 10 years of the iPhone, will be available in two variants - 64 GB and 256 GB in silver and space grey colours. For the most part, we couldn't tell the difference between these and the one in the iPhone 7 we brought with us-granted, the viewing environment was neither dynamic nor ideal.

Increasing prices is the only way to post significant growth in a mature, relatively slow-growing market where your market share is stagnating.

At Rs 57,900, the Samsung S8 costs Rs 33,000 less tha its much costlier iPhone X while carrying most of the technology that Apple's latest offering does.

Chief executive officer Tim Cook has done a stellar job of maintaining the brand's cachet and expanding the model range to appeal to a range of incomes. "We think the new form factor and net new features/capabilities (wireless charging, AR enablement, 3-D sensing) added to the flagship device will drive accelerated device upgrades within AAPL's install base combined with increased switching activity". The previous heavyweight champ that comes to mind is the brand new and large Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which comes in at 195 grams.

It's a good thing Apple went with the Qi standard.

But the Chinese threat to both leaders remains: The option of not paying for familiar logos, just for the actual phone, is there for consumers to pick until the leaders come up with something that truly adds value. But Apple also needs the higher margin to meet the enormous expectations of an increasingly competitive market. The result appeared to be native resolution and 60fps.